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Bestselling Skincare Products For Color -Private Label Starter Pack
  • Bestselling Skincare Products For Color -Private Label Starter Pack
Bestselling Skincare Products For Color -Private Label Starter Pack - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Ideal for Small Business Owners & Supermarkets Planning on Distributing or Private Labeling Our Products. These products allow you to private label a small quantity of each product before bulk purchasing. The Best Selection of Products for People of Color or Mid-West African Skin Types. 16oz Each. 

They are a hydroquinone-free skin-softening formula, a natural acne and facial breakout organic skin care product with all-day hydration and moisture. 

It offers quick skin renewal and turnover with a gentle lightening effect, clearing blemishes, armpits, scars, pigmented skin, and brown spots with continual use of our Kojic body wash. Does not bleach the skin or alter the color of your skin. If you expect a dramatic change in your skin color, these products would not be the best for you.

        The pack is: 4 of the 4oz size for each product or 1-16oz size:

  • 16oz liquid alpha hydroxyquinone-cosmetics skin lightener ingredient.
  • 16oz WhiteSkinner 
  • 16oz Skinclear 
  • 16oz Swiss Clairderm
  • 16oz of high-potency bleaching oil:
  • 16oz of melanin blocker & deactivating enzyme:
  • 16oz of Hands and feet corrector
  • 16oz of kojic acid body bleaching wash:
  • 16oz of Extended-release Gigawhyte
  • 16oz Skin bleaching Poria
  • 16oz Boerhavia Diffusa
  • 16oz Extra strength Pigment corrector

These are the best-selling skincare products for people of color. After trying these sets out, you may customize any of them by adding extra ingredients, removing any unwanted ingredients, change the fragrance to create a unique line for your business.

You may introduce acne skin care lines and other anti-aging product lines down the road. See each product description and ingredients under each label.