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We aim to serve humanity with the best and purest products to enhance their quality of life and keep people healthier by putting customers first, from our product formulation to the last moment of being in consumers' homes and delivering fresh, high-quality products. Everyone deserves a clean, quality, affordable, and available product. This is where we ensure our products are free from chemicals and petroleum-based ingredients, and we substitute these ingredients with plant-based alternatives that will promote better well-being for all.

We reinvent the wheel by recreating existing products and eliminating substances or ingredients that have not been proven to enhance people's quality of life by replacing them with better alternatives. We have done this with arthritis pain relief medications: we create them in a transdermal patch form to use as once-a-day patches to relieve pain and inflammation and provide 24-hour comfort, bypassing stomach bleeding associated with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories. We also offer transdermal pain relief patches for other bodily pains unrelated to arthritis; that way, the internal organ damage from the adverse effects of oral medications will be minimized.

Our products preserve the soil and water quality and avoid pollution, deforestation, and depletion of human and natural resources. They are Clean and sustainable and have a low carbon footprint. Manufactured in FDA FDA-registered and inspected facility compliant with cGMP protocols by professional biochemists. All products are WERCS-OSHA-certified and compliant with California Prop-65 and come with a 100% guarantee to deliver promises with the highest purity and efficacy.

Our ingredients and raw materials are sourced from suppliers that respect the environment and biodiversity. Our packaging materials are recyclable in cooperation with local communities, respecting each lifestyle. We believe that protecting the planet, animals, and plant kingdom is the hope of tomorrow’s generation, and we hold these ethics dearly by creating products made to last with zero waste and zero animal cruelty. Our products are WERCS- OSHA-certified vegan products with no petroleum chemicals, paraben, sulfate, Or phenols.

 Lifetime Warranty- All our products come with a 100% lifetime warranty. We replace all store product returns at no additional cost to our distributors. We recall all unsold products 90 days before expiration dates and replace them with our distributors at no extra cost. You can rest assured that you will never lose a dime selling or distributing any product we manufacture.