"Coming Up Soon in August 2022! Our clients and distributors would be able to login into our laboratory production facility video monitoring system to view the manufacturing process of their products"

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Inquiries/Questions or Comments: Call Toll Free: 1-866-360-2330 or 469-428-5508. 

For faster response, please send email to: info@raphepharmaceutique.com

Physical address: 11601 Plano Road Ste 104-106 Dallas TX 75243. USA.

Contact us to register your products with FDA and for fast approval of your products. We`re the No.1 U.S.A manufacturer of original minoxidil products, Rogaine-like minoxidil, and topical spironolactone laboratory. If you`re looking for topical finasteride hair loss treatment, private label hair loss treatment, FDA minoxidil lab, minoxidil foam manufacturer. Call us at 1-866-360-2330

 We are FDA registered Laboratory. operating a 50,000SF product research and formulation laboratory in the heart of Texas, with team of medical directors, compounding pharmacists and chemists working together in product manufacturing and testing. AmWiner & Raphe offers the most experienced health care laboratory in Dallas Texas. We are FDA registered Over the counter drug manufacturer dedicated to the manufacture of OTC using FDA monograph guides, private labeling skin and healthcare preparations. We submit your over the counter drugs to FDA for NDC number assignment with any quantity over 20,000pcs per line. We are licensed in the state of Texas for drug product and personal care product manufacturing. Our lead period for contract manufacturing of any quantity is 21 days

Samples?: We do not have small unit samples, because they are not enough to use for product evaluation. To test any product, you would need to purchase the full size and quantity as listed on our website and use it on 3 to 6 people for at least one month. This will enable you make a better decision on what to update on the product before private label.

Shipping to NigeriaFor private label orders shipping to Nigeria and West Africa,

Sign up shipping account with Nigeria Freight forwarding company at  https://www.impexc.com/home. Send us your email address and account number. We will ship to them and they will forward the parcel to your address in Nigeria. This is to avoid custom parcel interception.

Which Product to Choose?: Please note, we do not advise customers on the best product to choose from, or suggest which product will produce customer`s desired result due to skin differences. None of our products work miracles, all of them need sufficient time to produce result. What works for one person may not work for another in the exact manner. The law requires every customer to research each product ingredients and determine the suitability of such ingredients and product for their personal use. 

Our Distributors Please note: Distributing skin whitening products to some African countries could be very challenging because: 1) They may not use the products as directed. 2)Humidity and temperature is very high, and UV damage is common. 3) Many of them are exposed to sun damage on daily basis, so result may not be as seen with the European users. 4) 75% of them use high percentage hydroquinone products with steroids leaving their skin resistant to natural products. 5) Expectations could be unrealistic, some expect their skin to turn from black to white bulb color in 2 days of use. For this reason, so we recommend distributors to test the products before wholesale or private label purchasing.

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