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Board of hair Restoration Surgery lunches a new product line Media Release. They advised consumers to Look for Minoxidil products that contain other ingredients such as PYRITHIONE ZINC, SELENIUM SULFIDE, KETOCONAZOLE, FLUOCINOLONE, MELATONIN, SAW PALMETTO, FINASTERIDE, and CAFFEINE.

International orders of 50,000 copies or more per line will receive free export, custom clearance and we deliver door-door. We provide all the legal document required to register the products as OTC drugs products in your country. Please note our hair loss treatment products are not basic minoxidil solution with water and propylene glycol only, they are therapeutic grade products with other intermediary active pharmacological ingredients that treats other causes of hair loss, such as scalp inflammatory disorder, cicatricial disorder, hormonal changes hair loss and androgenic hair loss issues. For registration documents required for foreign countries OTC drug registration we provide, please click here

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