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For Healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical product distributors of generic drug products, and online pharmacy stores click here to be transferred to our Prescription Drug Facility website

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If you`re in middle east region, your products will be manufactured in our corporate Headquarters located at: Lehi St, Bene Beraq, Tel Aviv, Israel ; Phone Number: +1-866-360-2330. This saves you freight and custom clearing cost

Contact us to register your products with FDA and for fast approval of your products. We`re the No.1 U.S.A manufacturer of original minoxidil products, Rogaine-like minoxidil, and topical spironolactone laboratory. If you`re looking for topical finasteride hair loss treatment, private label hair loss treatment, FDA minoxidil lab, minoxidil foam manufacturer. Call us at 1-866-360-2330. 

Before private labeling of any product, we recommend distributors to purchase a unit, of the wholesale, or private label product of interest, conduct all necessary test of choice, with third party testing lab, and volunteer users, to make sure the products performance, efficacy, and result, is satisfactory, prior to purchasing, because private labeled products are non-returnable and non-refundable after services have been rendered.

After testing the sample items, send us the corrections you would like to make, we`ll reformulate the product as instructed, resend the updated samples for your approval prior to packaging. Our products are clinical grade, you can modify them when you order your brand, by updating the ingredients. You can also request any ingredients of your choice be added, during the making of your brand.

Private label- Pricing & Quantity. Your products will come with your labels, and fully packaged under your brand. The minimum quantity is 50,000pcs per line for FDA registered over the counter product and 25,000 copies for non-FDA registered natural medicinal health products. You will request invoice for a specific item or list the product you have tested and approved for private label.

Wholesale order-means your products will come with our labels. The minimum quantity is 15000pcs total item, not per line. 

Custom Contract manufacturing-means we are creating non existing formula according to your request. Minimum quantity is 150,000 per line. Contact us for pricing. 

Please note: Distributing skin whitening products to some African countries could be very challenging: 1) They may not use the products as directed. 2) Humidity and temperature is very high, and UV damage is common. 3) Many of them are exposed to sun damage on daily basis, so result may not be as effective as seen with the European users. 4) 75% of them use high percentage of hydroquinone products with steroids leaving their skin resistant to natural products. 5) Expectations could be unrealistic, some expect their skin to turn from black to white bulb color in 2 days of use. For this reason, we recommend distributors to test the products before private label.