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Our Skin care Product Science:

We integrates botanical ingredients with active biological agents that speed up skin cells recovery on a molecular level.  Our signature product is formulated with Nobel Prize winning EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), is responsible for creating dynamic and fast moving cell activity, Acetyl hexapeptide 3 and 8 (brand name argireline) that has been clinically proven to relax facial lines without needles, replacing Botox painful procedure, teprenone (brand name renovage) the award winning anti wrinkle agent and many other botanical extracts that reverse premature signs of aging.

Key Benefits. Diminishes skin`s redness, Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots, Improves firmness, tone and elasticity, within a shortest time interval as compared to traditional anti wrinkle anti aging treatments that takes several weeks and months before the benefits could be appreciated. Our formulas increase the skin`s natural moisture content and barrier function, Provides an anti-wrinkle effect on Crows Feet. Preserves the youthful look and the vitality of the skin. All natural whitening products provide permanent skin whitening result without rebound hyper pigmentation, free of hydroquinone and toxic carcinogens.

Raphe products accelerate skin`s natural activity allowing continual renewal as dead skin cells are replaced by young cells pushed to the skin's surface, making the surface (stratum corneum) smoother and naturally hydrated. Freckles and age spots disappear. Pigment cells (melanin) are more evenly distributed, helping prevent the appearance of new freckles and age spots. The skin is enriched with collagen and elastin that promote resilience and firmness. All these functions work together to keep skin looking and acting younger and healthier. We believe in the Science of Nature.

International orders of 50,000 copies or more per line will receive free export, custom clearance and we deliver door-door. We provide all the legal document required to register the products as OTC drugs products in your country. Please note our hair loss treatment products are not basic minoxidil solution with water and propylene glycol only, they are therapeutic grade products with other intermediary active pharmacological ingredients that treats other causes of hair loss, such as scalp inflammatory disorder, cicatricial disorder, hormonal changes hair loss and androgenic hair loss issues. For registration documents required for foreign countries OTC drug registration we provide, please click here