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One size does not fit all in dermatology. Hair loss has so many pathogenesis and everyone should be treated based on the cause of his hair loss. Administrating minoxidil to every hair loss not only creates resistance to testosterone immunostimulatory, but it also creates more hair loss, especially in women. This is why AmWiner developed different types of customized OTC hair loss treatments to target each form of hair loss so that no matter what the cause may be, you will always find a solution. DHT blockers alone have never been the definitive treatment for hair loss. The primary issue of UV-free radical oxidation of the follicular proteins has been under-addressed in most topical treatments. Just as we would protect our skin from UV-sun damage by free radicals, the same way we should protect our scalp from UV ray damage. Pyrithione Zinc offers multiple benefits for treating the inflammatory scalp caused by sun damage and bacteria-fungal infection, and the Zinc component screens the scalp from UV damage like Zinc Oxide used in sunscreens.

When sourcing hair loss treatment products, look for natural product formulations free from petroleum chemicals that deactivate the follicular stem cells, chemical irritants, and synthetic fragrance-free formulas. PG is a good moisturizer and emollient, but when it comes to hair loss, we advise you to use or look for products with a natural moisturizing and conditioning agent like Cocoamidobetaine, Coconut glycerin, and propanediol instead of petroleum chemicals. Using topical solutions containing 0.1% ten to twenty minutes before sun-hit is recommended to help prevent scalp damage, the same way as applying sunscreen twenty minutes before sun exposure is recommended to help prevent skin damage. If you have used DHT blockers for six months and the hair did not grow back, consider treating the scalp condition of follicular inflammation, infection, and UV damage using Pyrithione Zinc herbal and polyphenol extract products. Anti-inflammatories such as Triamcinolone and fluocinolone are very helpful, but whichever pathway you see best, shielding your scalp from sun damage to the follicles, should be the topmost priority.

Minoxidil alone is not a definitive treatment for hair loss because when discontinued, the hair loss continues. This would mean lifetime dependence on treatment to keep the hair hence AmWiner product formulas were combined with other active ingredients that treat other causes of hair loss, present in 70% of women, such as inflammatory scalp and Treatment for Cicatricial alopecia, follicular degeneration syndrome, and clogged pores. The goal is to keep patients healthier and off medication in the shortest possible time, by birthing a pathway of broad-spectrum hair loss treatment that would cover all likely causes of hair loss.

AmWiner manufactures other pharmaceutical OTC products for private label or customized, such as Nicotine Smoking Cessation Patches, also called Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), which includes the branded business and a private label proposition. Both portfolios have a diverse range of products, including patches and lozenges, of different strengths, which aim to help consumers quit their smoking addiction for good. The smoking Cessation patch utilizes a unique Smart Control Technology, which allows for a continuous release of nicotine throughout 24 hours.

Vaginal Yeast Infection, Private label products, are available under your brand with a low minimum quantity or as a customized formula.  All-in-One Vaginal Care for Women, Yeast Infection Treatment, Relieves Pain, Inflammation & Redness, Eliminates Excess Water, Re-Balance Vaginal Flora, Soothing Cooling & Calming, with Anti-Itch Odor Blocking Formula. Maximum strength one-day dosage of 1200mg, extra strength custom two-day dosage of 1000 mg, and regular three-day 600 mg treatments are available upon request, with 5% or 2% 30 grams external cream. Business credits are available. The ingredients and raw materials are organic sourced from suppliers that respect the environment and biodiversity.

Private-label Arthritis Pain relief cream Sodium Diclofenac 1% with 5% Lidocaine External Analgesic, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine for arthritis with a proven safety profile for arthritis pain, is now available over the counter, formerly a prescription product, it has been trusted by patients and doctors in the U.S. for 10+ years and is non-greasy. An alternative to pills, arthritis pain gel, treats arthritis pain by targeting pain directly at the source to deliver clinically proven nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine for powerful arthritis pain relief with a proven safety profile. Clinically proven to relieve joint pain, reduce stiffness, and improve mobility—a non-greasy and clean scent. Lidocaine and NSAIDs are the key ingredients in this formulation. They work together to provide fast-acting and long-lasting relief from inflammation while minimizing the side effects associated with NSAIDs.

Prescription Strength Tretinoin 0.1% with 5% Hydroquinone private label for healthcare providers for the treatment of acne, melasma, and correct hyperpigmentation in all skin types. Amwiner provides everything a clinical practice needs to offer patients customized care, delivering targeted results and repeat purchases through tailored regimens in preventative and maintenance skin and hair care. The AmWiner system includes over 150 customized products and high-end non-monograph skincare products under your professional brand.

Cold & Flu Cough Syrup Decongestants is a private label for adults and kids. AmWiner manufactures multi-action over-the-counter cold flu syrup for severe cough cold flu decongestant with ibuprofen 250mg and acetaminophen 500mg. Alleviating intra-sinus inflammation is critical to quick recovery from cold and flu. Mint flavor with 12 hours of cooling soothing comfort. Super great taste. No High-Fructose corn syrup. Ibuprofen, as a traditional NSAID, decreases the synthesis of pain- and inflammation, while Acetaminophen, a non-NSAID analgesic, exerts its effects on inhibiting and activating central serotonergic pathways. Working together, the two active ingredients provide 12 hours of harsh pain relief, superior to ibuprofen 250 mg and acetaminophen 650 mg alone. The only COLD FLU syrup that fights pain using two different approaches to maximize efficacy while requiring lower maximum daily doses of each medicine. Only 20 ml per serving is needed to achieve full relief compared to 30 ml of traditional cold flu syrup.  It provides faster relief from cold flu symptoms, and patients can return to work and health faster. Formulated to give patients the benefit of achieving relief by alleviating the inflammation of the bronchial cavity, nostrils, and sinuses, which is absent from the current products in the market today.


 The hair care products are made from naturally sourced ingredients, formulated to address all causes of hair loss from radiation toxins, environmental pollution, UVA-UVB sun rays, seborrheic dermatitis, fungal and bacteria, and more importantly, DHT hormone inhibition by incorporating active pharmacological ingredients, vitamins, and minerals known to grow and prevent hair loss. It works synergistically with minoxidil natural at maximum approved strength to inhibit the hair loss culprit hormones without further hair loss upon discontinuation.


Skincare products are absolute therapy for acne, zits, unwanted pigmentations, and saggy skin and correct fine lines with a specific focus on each skin type and age bracket. The products preserve the quality of the soil, water, and air and avoid pollution, deforestation, and depletion of human and natural resources. They are sustainable, have a low carbon footprint, and are clean beauty skincare and personal care products. Manufactured in FDA FDA-registered and inspected facility compliant with cGMP protocols by professional biochemists. All products are WERCS-OSHA-certified and compliant with California Prop-65, with a 100% guarantee to deliver promises with the highest purity and efficacy. The packaging materials are locally manufactured from recycled materials and are recyclable in cooperation with local communities, respecting each lifestyle.

All products come with a 100% Lifetime Warranty. We replace all third-party product returns at no additional cost to distributors, recall all unsold products 90 days before their expiration dates, and replace them at no extra cost to our distributors. You can rest assured that you will never lose a dime selling or distributing any product they manufacture.


Drug store buyers turn to Amwiner for these products: 1: Allergy Nasal Decongestant Spray Oxymetazoline hydrochloride (0.05%) nasal sprays. Maximum strength relief from mild to moderate asthma allergy congestion and inflammation attacks. Formulated with a base distillate of Yerba Santa, Mullein, and elecampane root extracts, a natural anti-inflammatory agent for longer-duration relief and hyaluronic acid for extra moisturizing. No drip severe congestion maximum strength 12-hour nasal congestion relief spray provides fast, powerful, medicated relief of asthma nasal congestion, colds, or allergies. Formulated to work instantly, allowing more straightforward nose breathing without unpleasant wheezing.


2: Mometasone furoate monohydrate (glucocorticoid) 50 mcg Emergency Airway Decongestant The mometasone furoate 50 mcg spray offers the same prescription strength relief over the counter for 24 hours. Instant relief of multiple allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, and itchy nose. This odor-free mist spray is the

way to deliver non-drowsy allergy medicine directly to the site of congestion. A trusted active ingredient for all day and night, relief of seasonal allergy symptoms. It is not recommended for use in children, and long-term use is not encouraged for the risk of glaucoma and cataracts.


3: Phenylephrine Hcl 1.0% Non-Drowsy Fast Acting decongestants and Ephedrine Sulfate 25mg Bronchodilator Relief of Mild intermittent Asthma Symptoms Caplets


 4: Minoxidil hair loss treatment tablets, finasteride tablets, spironolactone, and over-the-counter self-care are used for hair loss. The company is the third Pfizer and Perrigo qualified FDA facility vendor, manufacturing generic prescription tablets, capsules, and liquid oral dosage medications.

 AmWiner offers customized Hair Loss treatment.

 Clascoterone and CB-03-01 Formula for Psoriasis Hair Loss, Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia, Cicatricial Alopecia, Inflammatory Scalp Disorder, Folliculitis Decalvan, Scalp Nodules and Papules, Bacterial Folliculitis, Sycosis Barbae, Scarring Alopecia, And Scalp Dermatitis. DALOSIRVAT, SM04554, and SETIPIPRANT formula, the absolute for hair loss caused by telogen effluvium or certain diseases like thyroid insufficiency, thalassemia, and HIV. Hair loss from side effects of medications, birth control pills, behaviors like trichotillomania, nutritional deficiency, traction alopecia, and rapid weight loss. The Next Big Thing in Hair Loss Restoration with RU58841 and Dutasteride. The Product of choice for hair loss induced by radiation therapy, progesterone deficiency, prolonged hospital stay hair loss, stress induces hair loss, non-genetic hair loss, hair loss not associated with any known causes, hair loss from autoimmune diseases and syndromes, emotional distress, exposure to toxins, Lichen planopilaris, viral infections such as herpes zoster and herpes simplex, appendage tumors, patchy, circular, or oval hair loss with distinct edges hair loss in men and women. The Next Generation Hair Loss Treatment Bimatoprost & Minoxidil Sulphate 5% Solution. Bimatoprost, a prostaglandin F2-analog, has proved a great success in treating eyelash and scalp alopecia. Bimatoprost is a medication that is effective in the treatment of glaucoma and other conditions of the eye. The FDA also approves it for treating hypotrichosis, sparse or thinning eyelashes. In recent years, bimatoprost has been used off-label for hair growth. It helps with follicular syndrome, folliculitis, cicatricial alopecia in women, chemical and environmental pollution hair loss, pregnancy-induced hair loss, UV radical hair loss treatment, and for use in men over 50 who do not respond to traditional minoxidil solutions or experienced hair loss for over seven years.


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