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AmWiner Bag-on-valve (BOV) technology system is a hygienic and reliable form of packaging technology with several advantages over conventional aerosol canister spray of foam packaging. The product constituents are placed separate from the base ingredients, upholding the product’s purity. This technology also protects the aerosol or aerofoam from oxidation, protects it from heat and secondary pollution. BOV’s introduction to aerosol canister packaging is a progressive innovation that outdoes its predecessors on arguably all fronts. As such, it suffices to say that it is here to stay, and soon, it will render conventional aerosol canisters obsolete.

One of the main aspects of BOV is the safety and environmental benefits. This is because no flammable propellants are needed, just environmentally friendly gases or your base product ingredients. The aluminum bags ensure that the formulation is hermetically sealed. This prevents contamination and oxidation of the active ingredients to the last pump, which also contributes to the durability of the products without preservatives.


In traditional canister aerosol, the product is mixed with propellant and preservatives, rendering it not pure enough to enhance the products` quality. Excessive preservative in hair care products to prolong the shelf life is one of the culprits for hair loss seen in men and women. Besides, the poor sealing mechanism can lead to the product’s contamination by bacteria and other gases, which might reduce the product’s overall shelf-life. In traditional aerosol canister, you can only use about 95% of the product stored in a canister, but with BOV aero foam technology you can use the entire contents, leaving no room for waste or negative environmental impact. BOV allows complete product emptying, leaving no product in the container.

Sealing performance: When it comes to BOV, we utilize a multi-level protective system comprising a tinplated steel can (or aluminum), aerosol valve components, and four-layer vacuum pouches which separates the active ingredients from the rest of the ingredients in the product. On the other hand, conventional aerosol canisters do not have the best sealing performance, nor do they have a bag to safeguard the product’s integrity.

Hygienically clean: Separated and Yet Together. The difference between conventional aerosol technology and AmWiner BOV system is that with the conventional variant the product and propellant are in the can together with no separation. With the BOV technology, the active ingredients and the product base are separated in the can. The active ingredient is contained in a separate flexible bag, which is connected to the valve, and the compressed gas and other base ingredients is in the remaining space between the bag and the side of the can. When the actuator nozzle is pressed, the pure product is dispensed together though separately on your palm.

AmWiner offers the BOV system as private label optional packaging to distributors of Minoxidil hair loss treatment foam with minimum of 150,000 units per order. There is a 40% deposit required with a 60% balance spread out over a period of 12 months. It is not only an excellent dispensing system, but a sustainable packaging process that also helps reduce our ecological footprint, improves the product efficacy and shelf life, and with no entry of environmental oxygen or nitrogen, the oxidative process of formula breakdown is eliminated resulting in a more potent product with longer duration shelve life.