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Specialty Energy Supplements-Private Label
  • Specialty Energy Supplements-Private Label
Specialty Energy Supplements-Private Label - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.
Raphe food science lab offers microcapsulated powder supplements for private label.These supplement powders are active, refined and capsulated use in enhancing welbeing in men and women.. Available filling potencies are 1500mg to 2000mg per serving or modified to suite your needs: These powder supplements are in microcapsulated form, ready to be filled in capsules. You could choose one or two powders or combination powders be filled.

Arginine Microfiltered powder
Epimedium hydrolyzed
Micronizied mixed maca blend
Microfiltered Saw palmetto powder
Ginseng root powder
Yohimbe micronized powder
Tongkat Ali nanosized powder
Damiana extract powder
Burdock root extract
Anhydrous Caffeine

We provide complete packaging when you send us your design or artwork, or we will supply with Raphe labels
Packaging: 90 capsules per bottle
Capsule type: Vegan or Regular
Minimum quantity 1000 bottles
Price: $6.60 for one to three powder blend
Certifications: Available upon request
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