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Private Label & Wholesale Details
  • Private Label & Wholesale Details
Private Label & Wholesale Details - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Raphe products are clinical grade skin care preparations with the purpose of transforming and redefining the skin`s soul, lifting beauty and the skin integrity to a higher level of vibration through love. Before private labeling(pL)of any product, we recommend distributors to purchase a unit of the wholesale or pL product of interest, conduct all necessary test of choice prior to order. Our products are clinical grade, so expect a clinical smell which you can modify when you order your brand, by removing some ingredients that may contribute to the product`s aroma. Remember the more ingredients you remove, the less potent. You can also request that any ingredients of your choice be added during the making of your brand.

When you receive the sample items, please carefully test each product. Send us the corrections you will like to update for your brand, so we can recreate the product as you directed, resend the updated samples for your approval prior to private label. The cost of products you purchased will be applied or credited to your private label order

This applies to pre-filled products in their individual retail packaging.

The minimum quantity for private label is 500pcs per line. The packaging fotos shown on our website may not be the same as the actual packaging, the actual packaging will be sent to you when we send your order, or you may send us your choice of bottle.

Private label price for each product is 50% off the listed price online with 500pcs minimum order. Private label prices include complete packaging with your labels(if you send them) and without retail boxes.

 For wholesale orders, please request wholesale order sheet. Approved wholesale account will receive 20% discount for 50 -100 per line, 30% discount for 100 to 500pcs per line, 60% discount for over 500pcs. Bulk or gallon orders receives 20% off for 25-50 gallons, 30% off for 51-100 gallons. Prices do not include shipping, buyers are responsible for their products shipment.

 With 5000pcs or more, you may take advantage of our complete private label services which includes logo design, folded carton and packaging manufacturing, brochure inserts, website product information, high end acrylic airless bottles and jar, screen printing, hot-stamping, product certification and certificate of analysis. Exporting out of the United States; we provide Certificate of free sale and export certificate. If the product is medical, we provide clinical studies conducted on the major ingredients we used in compounding the formula.

Private label, wholesale orders and contract manufacturing of skin whitening products require buyers to use the purchased samples, conduct all necessary test with third party testing lab, and volunteer users to make sure the product`s performance, efficacy and result is satisfactory prior to purchasing because they are non-refundable and non-returnable.

 Please note: Distributing skin whitening products to some African countries could be very challenging: 1) They may not use the products as directed. 2) Humidity and temperature is very high, and UV damage is common. 3) Many of them are exposed to sun damage on daily basis, so result may not be as effective as seen with the European users. 4) 75% of them use high percentage of hydroquinone products with steroids leaving their skin resistant to natural products. 5) Expectations could be unrealistic, some expect their skin to turn from black to white bulb color in 2 days of use.

For this reason, we recommend distributors to test the products before private label.

 Private label-means your products will come with your labels.

Wholesale order-means your products will come with our labels.

Contract manufacturing-means we are creating non existing formula according to your request.