Mandelic Acid Mini Blue Gel Peel 40% Concentration 10lbs
  • Mandelic Acid Mini Blue Gel Peel 40% Concentration 10lbs
Mandelic Acid Mini Blue Gel Peel 40% Concentration 10lbs - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.
A mini blue gel peel for skin types that cannot tolerate glycolic acid. This peel may not hurt, yet have very high skin penetration and peels over longer period of days. Works like VI episomal peels but not as aggressive as the episomal peels. Very small quantity is required when compared to other skin peels.

Sensitive skin may consider diluting further with water to appropriate percentage. Contains tyrosinase inhibitng enzymes and hydroquinone for faster depigmentation during peel process. Be sure to follow the right peel procedure for best outcome.

Offers superior anti aging, wrinkle care along with skin peeling without the excess ions glycolic acid. Mandelic acid benefit in skin renewal and restoration is next to retinoic acid.

This peel solution contains 40% mandelic acid, and proprietary liquid blend of tyrosinase inhibiting enzymes  and hydrogen peroxide preservative for professional use. For use in non professionals, dilute this concentrate with 10 to 16oz of water or as needed.

Follow up with any good neutralizer and moisturizer. Will appear slightly foamy upon shaken, Sun exposures are not recommended immediately after any peel. Ph: less than 0.5

Size: 10lbs

Warning: Avoid contact with the eye area. Store in cool temperature. Neutralizing solution must be used after treatment to balance the pH of the skin. You may follow up with the post peel bleaching liquid or request 15ml sample of the post peel liquid.