2% Minoxidil Solution Private Label FDA  Registered With Reverse Osmosis
  • 2% Minoxidil Solution Private Label FDA  Registered With Reverse Osmosis
2% Minoxidil Solution Private Label FDA Registered With Reverse Osmosis - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

 FDA registered drug product to Stimulates Hair Growth and also fight other root causes of hair loss not present in traditional minoxidil solutions. This liquid gel hair loss treatment unclogs the follicular pores from bacteria and fungal infection with the aid of Pyrithione. 

Studies have proven that the reason why discontinuing minoxidil treatment leads to more hair loss is because other root causes of hair loss such as infection and inflammation is not treated. Minoxidil alone blocks DHT which is not the only root cause of hair loss. 

All of Raphe`s hair loss treatment is formulated to treat other causes of hair loss in addition to using only ROS UV treated and filtered water high purity water system void of any other chemicals that contributes to hair loss. 

This is a 2% Minoxidil anti-fungal anti-microbial hair growth and thickening Liquid solution that treats inflammations and hair infections aiding minoxidil stimulated hair growth. It is a complex solution with 100% guaranteed efficacy, enriched further with Biotin, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Green tea extract polyphenols, a moisture-rich hair treatment free from alcohol and chemical irritants.

This formulation is made using reverse osmosis UV filtered water, alcohol-free, and received class A regulatory approval. Today, more than ever before, people are losing their hair more rapidly becoming more conscious of their personal health and the impacts that their lifestyles have on the environment. As a result, many are turning to drinking water that is filtered and UV-treated in order to increase its quality and reduce the number of chemicals it has been treated with. These chemicals are stripped off from our products during formulation guaranteeing fresh natural pure products, with a 100% consumer health safety guarantee.

Size: 60ml:

Available for private label, Contact us for pricing and minimum quantity information.

Super-Active Ingredients: UV-Filtered Reverse Osmosis Water, Propylene Glycol, Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), Minoxidil, Green Tea, Biotin, Zinc Pyrithione.