Pre-Natal & After Birth Skincare Product
  • Pre-Natal & After Birth Skincare Product
Pre-Natal & After Birth Skincare Product - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

This product is a made upon order product dedicated to pregnant and nursing moms with love from Raphe Pharmaceutique. Hypoallergenic and organic cosmeceutical formula. Help clear neck discoloration, and prevent post pregnancy stretch marks.

Contains no artificial ingredients, no preservative-must be stored in the refrigerator. No Cetearyl alcohols, no wax, no chemicals and free ethoxylates, plastics .and allergens. Ingredients are whipped to soft creamy consistency. Pregnant and nursing moms must consult their healthcare provider before purchasing this product.

Ingredients: Bottled water, Ascorbyl palmitate, Methyl sulphonyl methane, bearberry leaf powder, glutamine, isoleucine, Vitamin B3, glutathione, olive oil, coconut oil, citric aid, orange peel extract.

Color: Tan to light brown. Same color as bear berry leaf powder. The camera flash makes the product color look whitish yellow, but it is not a white color product 

Consistency: Light lotion. Use twice a day or as directed by your physician.

Size: 16oz

This product is made when ordered, let us know if there is any extra ingredient you need to add or remove. Must be stored in the refrigeration as it does not contain any preservative.